Bulk Indexing in GSC: 15 Types of sites that need to send pages in batches for indexing

Bulk indexing in Google Search Console (GSC) refers to the process of submitting multiple pages for indexing simultaneously, typically in large quantities or batches. Various types of websites may benefit from sending pages in batches for indexing in GSC. Here are 15 types of sites that may need to do this:

  1. E-commerce Websites: E-commerce sites frequently add or update product pages, and they may need to send batches of product listings for indexing to ensure the latest offerings are discoverable.
  2. News Portals: News websites publish numerous articles daily, and submitting batches of articles for indexing ensures that the latest news stories are included in search results.
  3. Classified Ads Websites: Websites hosting classified ads often have a high volume of listings that change frequently, necessitating batch indexing for new listings and updates.
  4. Real Estate Portals: Real estate websites may have thousands of property listings, and bulk indexing is essential to keep these listings up-to-date in search results.
  5. Job Boards: Job boards frequently add new job listings, so submitting batches of job postings ensures that the most recent job opportunities are indexed.
  6. Directories: Online directories feature numerous listings across various categories. Regular batch indexing helps maintain the accuracy of directory information.
  7. Video Sharing Platforms: Video-sharing websites host a vast library of videos. Batch indexing is crucial to ensure that new videos and updates are searchable.
  8. Online Marketplaces: Marketplaces that connect buyers and sellers rely on bulk indexing to keep product listings and user-generated content current.
  9. Travel Aggregator Websites: Travel aggregators compile data from various sources. Submitting batches of travel listings keeps travel information up-to-date.
  10. Review Sites: Review platforms need to index new reviews and user-generated content in batches to maintain the latest feedback and ratings.
  11. Government Portals: Government websites may have extensive content and documents. Batch indexing helps ensure that government information remains accessible.
  12. Educational Institutions: Educational websites may periodically update course listings, schedules, and announcements, making batch indexing valuable for accuracy.
  13. Healthcare Portals: Healthcare websites share medical information and resources. Regular batch indexing keeps users informed about the latest medical research and guidelines.
  14. Content Aggregators: Aggregator websites collect content from various sources, such as news articles or blogs. Bulk indexing helps curate and display the latest content.
  15. Weather Websites: Weather portals require batch indexing to provide users with real-time weather forecasts and updates for various locations.

For websites with large quantities of pages or frequently updated content, using batch indexing methods in Google Search Console or other webmaster tools can streamline the process of getting their content indexed by search engines efficiently. This ensures that users can access the most current and relevant information from these sites.


Sofiia Dolia

Content Marketer at Seoplay