How to promote and sell your ideas in the company?

Each company has its own corporate culture and its own culture of innovation. Somewhere the rules of the game are clear and transparent to everyone, somewhere there are no rules and you have to act "by the feel".

Many companies say that they have an "open door" rule, and that any employee can go to the CEO and talk to him, but there is a nuance - it happens that in fact this is not the case. And even more often it happens that if you go through your direct managers to the next levels, this, firstly, demonstrates the inefficiency of the entire management vertical to the TOP, and, secondly, you let your manager down somewhat, which can affect your relationship. And you may also begin to be perceived as a dangerous and inconvenient employee who is unpredictable, difficult to manage and who cannot be trusted.

It is up to you to decide whether you are ready to go over the heads of your managers if they do not support or do not consider your initiatives (and whether you want to develop in such a company in general), but it is still better to have an argument why it was necessary.

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"You are a dangerous employee if you go over the head of the head."
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Sofiia Dolia

Content Marketer at Seoplay