3 Sure Ways to Attract More Traffic to Website

How do you get your website traffic in the short term? Hesitate on what targeting options and SEO strategies to apply to boost visitors' numbers? Focus on this guide to find out what steps will be helpful to drive your site performance to a high level and enhance its ranking on Google.

How Do I Start Increasing Traffic?

  Today, a well-built UX & UI-tuned website adjusted according to SEO strategies is a must for a savvy business owner and marketer. A smoothly formatted website visible to Google algorithms should have considerable SEO & PPC tactics and look vivid on social media.

  These tactics should be tuned so any user can find you easily on Google and finally convert into a new customer. That is called traffic increase. If we describe the process of traffic promotion, it looks as follows:

  • Get more users to know about you and make them visit your site - it's possible to fulfill due to correctly chosen SEO strategy and ad campaign.
  • Propel new audiences to get more leads and make them follow and like you more.
  • Make new clients select you by offering special offers, free trials, and bonuses. Remember to meet their needs too.
  • Gain new conversions that are your primary goal.

  Hence, website traffic is a driving force for your venture increase that can show whether you apply proper marketing strategies that work beneficially. Also, you can strengthen it by launching relevant blog posts and buying traffic from credible sources.

Buying Traffic Wisely

   It's essential to fit your traffic campaign to your goals and clients' needs to gain a targeted audience for your website:

  • Build up effective SEO tactics and adjust your SERP by fixing keyword targeting. That will increase your ranking on Google, make you more recognizable to users, and you'll get a place among the top search results.
  • Create targeted content for your niche, making it enjoyable to the visitors and proper to their queries. It'll help to have strong brand recognizability. 
  • Deal with domain credibility to show search engines that you have the right keywords that fit popular requests.
  • Improve your CTR: know the audience's interests and needs and your niche's latest trends. Drive interest in your content, boost engagement, organic traffic, and conversion. 
  • Get paid leads by concentrating on fitting audiences in your industry. Choose relevant and authoritative traffic sources to attract new leads: select native advertising, display ads, sponsored content, social media ads, influencers' engagement, etc.

What Metrics Besides Traffic Grow When You Buy Traffic?

  Website traffic is among the most critical metrics of a marketing campaign that can directly influence the website's performance and enhance its online growth. The following metrics are vital in running a winning ad campaign:

  • Average visit duration to analyze why and how long a visitor remains on the site.
  • Conversion rate to know how many visitors complete their action.
  • Defining the number of unique visits counted once only.
  • Devices visitors use while being on your website.
  • Bounce rate showing users' behavior on the site.
  • Traffic sources that generate revenue.

How to Try to Generate Visitors to a Website for Your Business for Free?

  To enhance your online presence and become recognizable among thousands of same-looking projects, it's essential to follow a personal strategy that fits your case. To hook more and more visitors, you should fulfill these three proven ways :

  1. Craft a client-centered website, or make it user-friendly following UX & UI principles that will facilitate their online activity and help to solve their issues and satisfy their needs.
  2. Optimize it for mobile devices so that Google will rank you on the first result page.
  3. Optimize the website for search engine algorithms to increase SERP ranking.

  These sure ways will help you to engage more users and raise your organic traffic. Don't worry, you'll cope with it by applying free platforms and tools for website performance optimization and content promotion available online.



Sofiia Dolia

Content Marketer at Seoplay