Envato Elements: How to Automatically open default email client

Automatically open default email client

An email client, also known as an email application or email software, is a computer program or application that allows users to send, receive, organize, and manage email messages. Email clients provide a user-friendly interface for managing email communication, and they typically support features such as composing, sending, receiving, and organizing emails. Some popular email clients include Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and various web-based email services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Websites can include links or functionality to automatically open the user's default email client for various purposes:

  1. Contact Information: Websites often include "Contact Us" links or buttons that open the user's email client, making it convenient for visitors to send inquiries, feedback, or support requests to the website's administrators or customer support.
  2. Share via Email: Websites may provide options for users to share content, articles, or products with others via email. When users click a "Share via Email" link or button, it opens their email client with a pre-filled email containing a link or information about the content they want to share.
  3. Subscription or Signup: Websites sometimes use email links to encourage users to sign up for newsletters, updates, or other email-based services. Clicking the link can open the user's email client to compose an email for subscribing or contacting the website.
  4. Feedback Forms: Some websites may use email clients to collect user feedback. Clicking on a "Send Feedback" link opens the email client with a predefined recipient address and subject line, making it easier for users to provide feedback.
  5. Support Requests: Websites offering customer support or technical assistance may provide a "Request Support" link that opens the email client with the support team's email address pre-filled, simplifying the process for users to reach out for help.

By opening the user's default email client, websites can offer a seamless and user-friendly way for visitors to initiate email-based actions, such as contacting the site owners, sharing content, or subscribing to services. This can enhance user engagement and convenience.

To automatically open the default email client using a link on a website or in an email, you can use the mailto: hyperlink in HTML. This link will prompt the user's default email client to open with a new email composition window. Envato Elements or any other platform is not responsible for this behavior, as it's a standard web functionality. Here's how you can create a mailto: link:

In the code above, replace [email protected] with the actual email address of the recipient you want to send the email to. When a user clicks on the "Send Email" link, their default email client will open, prefilling the "To" field with the specified email address.

Here's a complete example:

When you open this HTML file in a web browser and click the "Send Email" link, your default email client will open.

Please note that the behavior of the mailto: link depends on the user's computer settings and the email client they have configured as their default. It may not work as expected if the user doesn't have an email client set up, or if their email client isn't correctly configured.

Ex: "mailto:[email protected]"


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