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Marketers and sellers actively use various ways to generate leads. They create content to attract customers and turn every Internet user into a paying customer. The main task is to get the right information from visitors and to realize their wishes in a timely manner.

A potential client is a prospect and an opportunity to get real income. Companies whose lead generation process is running and performing its functions receive 130% more revenue compared to other companies. Live chat for website is able to increase the target audience and improve the efficiency of interaction with customers.

How to identify customer needs in a chat?

Lead generation live chat is a software component that makes it easier for sales professionals or marketers to communicate with site/application visitors, understand their requests and desires. The goal is to increase sales results.

In order to determine the client's need and offer him what he needs, a step-by-step instruction has been developed, where all the nuances are taken into account. What is the best way to do it when you need a lead? The main role here is played by questions to identify the desires of visitors. The Internet has its own rules and has its own specifics.

A great tool for the work of a seller, manager and marketer is real time lead generation. It is aimed at bringing a person step by step to purchase something, constantly reminding them of what benefits the customer will ultimately receive. Live chat for real estate — automation. Technology frees a realtor to show objects to customers who have already decided to buy, while consulting can be entrusted to a robot.

What question should I ask the buyer and how to formulate it correctly? To do this, you need to take into account the types of questions.

The questions are:

  • Closed — assume the answer is "yes" or "no". They won't give much information. Example: "Do you need a classic jacket? "
  • Open — assume a detailed answer. If the client is not very interested in continuing the dialogue, then these questions may scare him away. Example: "For what occasions do you require a jacket?".
  • Alternative — presuppose a choice of several options. For example: "Do you require a fitted or a loose-fitting jacket?".
  • Suggestive — contain a hint. They are used if the client is not fully aware of his need. For example: "It is important to know at what time of the year you are going to wear a jacket, if you buy it for the summer, then light natural materials will do, what do you think?".
  • Rhetorical — they help to keep the conversation going, to form a friendly atmosphere, if we are talking about real time leads: "Don't you want the jacket to fit perfectly?".

Try to ask customers more open-ended questions. To do this, start with the words "what", "why", "for what". Such a question cannot be answered in monosyllables, so it helps to keep the conversation going and learn more.

Closed questions can clarify the willingness of the buyer to talk or to make a purchase. For example, "Have you decided?"

Alternative questions carry a tinge of manipulation. "Do you want to buy a white scarf or a blue one?". The risk of causing irritation to the buyer.

Leading questions help to manage buying behavior, but they do it more subtly. "Do you need an entrance door? Are you looking for something reliable and high-quality?".

Stages of sales in correspondence in an online chat on the website

Companies that have set themselves the task of creating a lead generation website take into account the stages of sales in correspondence. In the classic version of chat leads, there are 5 stages:

  • acquaintance / establishing contact;
  • identification of customer needs;
  • presentation;
  • handling objections;
  • completion of the transaction.

The generation chat, when communication goes fast in correspondence, you need to try to work through each stage. You can "play ping-pong" a little while solving your problems.

Example of building a dialog:

  • A fragment of identifying needs.
  • Compliment and/or social proof.
  • The fragment of the presentation.
  • Interim closure or a new question on needs.
  • This sequence of dialogue can be repeated several times.

Profitable compliments

Lead management is a system for regularly identifying, distributing, processing and increasing customer needs.

Lead generation machine is a great tool for marketers of all companies that produce goods or services.

When communicating with a client, your task is not to look like a spammer and remove primitive phrases when communicating with a client, such as flexible prices, a huge assortment, individual approach, etc. All users want to be unique, to understand that a living person is communicating with them. Then the client's response to the messages will be more competent and will bring good results.

There are two ways to make a business compliment to a client in chat lead:

  • Call the client by name more often (addressing by name causes positive emotions).
  • To complement the client's environment. For example, a compliment to his avatar, social media profile, company website, etc.
    Remember that any compliment should be appropriate and said on time.

9 out of 10 sellers never do this in an online chat on the site

The advantage of real estate live chat is a relatively low cost. The technology is able to replace assistants and round-the-clock consultants who need to be paid regularly. After a thorough conversation with the client, you can summarize.

Name, here is a summary of our discussion:

  • Your tasks...
  • There are such nuances...
  • We are required to...
  • We will do it this way...
  • Our next step…
  • A colleague joined the project, here is his mail…
  • From you it is necessary ... in such and such terms ...".

In the resume letter, sellers should take into account that:

Attentiveness will emphasize professionalism and add points to the service.
High-quality work at the pre-sale stage increases the perception of the value of the product or service itself.
Chat makes communication more informative.

  • How to warm up the client's interest in online chat on the website
  • Online chats are useful for business. According to a study by Freshworks 2021:
    • 41% of customers prefer online chat;
    • 79% of users appreciate chat support for instant answers;
  • the probability of conversion among customers using online chat is 2.8 times higher than those who do not use it.

Online chat, for example, real estate chat, has the highest level of customer satisfaction – 73%.

How is it right for a manager to build a dialogue? In order to interest the client in online communication, the specialist must:

  1. Demonstrate politeness, sincerity and thank you for your attention to the product.
  2. A positive text is important. Find out the name of the visitor. Address him by name – it brings him closer, increases trust in the brand. "Thank you for contacting us. Fill out this form and click "Start Chat"."
  3. Connect the decision-maker to the online chat.
  4. It is better to be a manager, not a support employee. Communication with a specific specialist is more captivating.
  5. Do not insist on communication. Most often this is a negative scenario.
  6. Provide an opportunity for the user to choose one of the proposed options, and not write independently.
  7. Hint at a discount. The ability to order a product or service at a discount can become a conversion trigger.
  8. Speak to the client in his language. The program selects the language of communication automatically based on the location of the client.
  9. Reduce the volume of correspondence. Save your and the buyer's time.
  10. Offer to SEE how your product works.
  11. Let the user choose what kind of advice he needs: on important issues, on technical problems, on account transactions. Provide an opportunity to choose the department with which the user will communicate: consultation, support, billing.
  12. Sensitive topics require confidentiality, increased tact. "Do you need help in rehabilitation? Communicate anonymously with a live agent." Interactive chat for immediate help to people struggling with drug addiction.
  13. To offer something unique, for example, to talk to the manufacturer directly is a rare, even unique opportunity.

Acceleration of the transaction cycle in online chat on the website

Free business opportunity leads to an increase in the profitability of sales of goods or services. If you develop an effective strategy at each stage of the "lead funnel", the results can please even an experienced marketer. According to the Forrester research agency:

  • the quality of leads increases by more than 55%;
  • more than 50% of leads are ready to buy;
  • the average check increases by more than 47%.

When moving the lead to the sale stage, you need to make sure that the lead is ready to make a purchase. Here, marketers summarize and re-work out the characteristics of BANT: budget, decision maker, need, deadlines (Budget, Authority, Need, Time). The lead is considered ready when all four components are met.

What are the mistakes of communicating with clients in a chat?

In order to work out each client as much as possible, it is necessary to know what are the main mistakes when communicating with a potential buyer:

  • The presence of a dialogue. The seller should not only ask clarifying questions, talk about the advantages of the product, but also be able to hear and understand the client. The ideal option is when both sides take equal part in the conversation.
  • Identical sales scenarios. Consumers have different problems, goals, characters, stereotypes. Therefore, to study the needs of some, it will be enough to ask a few closed questions, while others will be more confident to talk about their desires only when they are open.
  • Summing up based on one identified need. It is extremely difficult to fully satisfy the client's request by one criterion, and therefore to perform a website lead capture. If you first find out detailed information, then sales will increase, and the buyer will move into the category of permanent.
  • Do not separate the stages of sales. First you need to prepare the platform, and then act confidently.
  • Behave incorrectly. If the customer is arguing and trying to refute the words of the seller, then you can't interrupt him, even if he is wrong. It is necessary to listen to the buyer and only then work out his doubts.
  • Get away from the topic. It is possible to communicate with the consumer on abstract topics, it even enhances empathy for the speaker. It is necessary to take into account the time frame and smoothly translate the conversation into the right direction.

The client is the most important component of the turnover process of a company or service sector. By satisfying each customer's request, the organization receives income. To identify the needs of the buyer and present the service or product with which this need will be met is the main task of live chat lead generation.





Sofiia Dolia

Content Marketer at Seoplay