How the First Message in Live Chat Can Increase Website Conversions

Each company strives to attract a lot of visitors to its page. However, this is by no means the main indicator of the effectiveness of the site. Conversion is much more important: it determines the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and the productivity of the resource as a whole.

The conversion shows what percentage of users or potential customers have completed the target action: left a request, bought a product, subscribed to the newsletter. Marketers have many tools and not all of them require financial expenses. For example, there is live chat on website.

Why Does Chat Greeting Increase Conversions?

About 40% of potential buyers will click on the online consultant's window instead of calling if they have a choice. So it's time to take the next step — boost chat. It's easier: in a chat, in a couple of minutes, the difference between the goods will be explained to the client, and they will help him order.

You can correspond with the manager even while at the workplace or moving on transport, which is much more convenient than a call. The conversion depends on the ability to work in a chat room and, ultimately, the payback of SEO site promotion and contextual advertising.

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The presence of a chat form alone is not enough. It is necessary to pay attention to the automatic greeting—how exactly it is configured. This is a boost to live chat.

The correct automatic greeting is half the success of the chat, which should address each user. In turn, the operator should respond only to those potential customers who responded to the automatic greeting.

Choosing the right greeting is an opportunity to create a positive image and influence the reaction and actions of users. It is important to keep a balance here. The main thing is politeness, but you should not cross the line when a visitor considers communication formal and artificial.

The second quality is friendliness and authenticity, but there is a risk of misinterpreting communication and making it unacceptably personal. It is significant to show respect and maintain a reasonable distance; otherwise, buyers and service users will not support the dialogue.

The presence of a competent approach and vocabulary in the greeting can increase the level of interaction and form a positive image for 75% of new site visitors.

How Your Chat Greeting can Increase Conversions

Trigger message, work on improving chat communication, and the introduction of a personalized greeting is the process of setting up high-quality interaction with the client and contributing to future sales. Statistics on conversions of active invitations with implemented depersonalization speak in favor of this approach.

Greeting is proactive messaging and the beginning of active communication, which can bring up to 20% of the total conversion, where each client is a request or order. After the introduction of personalized greetings, the number of active dialogues, as a rule, increases by 70–80%, and these are not just potential customers, but real buyers who make a profit.

Benefits of Live Chat Software for Business

The introduction of live chat software led to an increase in conversion and revenue for companies.

Those who have installed special software highlight 7 advantages of online chat, which allow you to take your business to a new level:

  1. Operational communication with the company's employees via Messenger chat pops up. The client does not need to search for a lot of data, worry, and call contact numbers, waiting for a specialist's response. Chat with sales specialists, marketers gives you the opportunity to get an answer to a question within one minute.
  2. Saving money. The head of the company does not need to have a staff of specialists — the program simplifies the process, and one employee can conduct a dialogue with several buyers. Lead chat analyzes and independently distributes questions to the appropriate department of the company.
  3. Competitive advantage. No matter what business — small, medium, or corporation — online chat is a time requirement, which, thanks to a special algorithm, gives an advantage over competitors in any field. You can always prepare a "proactive free trial sample" option.
  4. Increase conversions and sales. The help of an online specialist at the time of choosing and ordering a product or service gives confidence, and buyers spend more time on the page where there is an online chat. As a result, the average cost of orders is growing.
  5. Building long-term relationships is a new principle of the "generation chat" strategy. Satisfied regular customers move on to competitors much less often. 63% of customers who used online chat and received the necessary help and advice returned to the site much more frequently than those who did not communicate online.
  6. 24/7 support. Software developers allow companies to make individual settings when real specialists answer questions at normal times, chatbots are engaged in customer service during the rest of the hours.
  7. This increases customer loyalty. The first message and proactive invitations to chat add initiative to visitors, making each user a buyer of goods and services.

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Practical Live Chat Triggers (With Examples)

The main advantage of live chat is not only efficiency but also timeliness. When a message in the chat widget is displayed at the right moment, it motivates the client to ask a question or find out details. This is a real live trigger. A balance is needed when it is necessary to collect as much data as possible about the needs of a potential buyer and to eliminate annoying and annoying factors.

A trigger is a psychological message that subconsciously pushes a customer to make a purchase. When the trigger is in place, it works quickly and clearly.

Marketers often use the following tools from the arsenal of “chat triggers”:

  1. The “Appeal” trigger. Users are pleased when they are addressed by name or mention something that only they understand. For example, a sample trigger talk: “Advanced training courses for the sales department". "Is it difficult to find a common language with a child? We invite you to a seminar for young mothers!". In emails, use the username for a more confidential treatment.
  2. The “Comparison” trigger. By specifying the advantages of each paid package of services, the manager can persuade the user to pay.
  3. Trigger "Specifics". Replace the phrase: "We sell the best windows in New York" under the heading "Energy-saving windows, saving 98.4% of the heat in the apartment." Proven facts and figures always work better than beautiful epithets — trigger messages.
  4. Trigger "Exclusivity and participation". Invite users to join a secret Telegram chat or a special status for the purchase of an extended package of services, a line of exclusive cosmetics or limited-edition items.
  5. The "Advantages" trigger. Customers are very happy to take profitable goods and services. Set up trigger messaging and offer quick furniture assembly included in the order price. Indicate the time of assembly and delivery. A psychologist can give you one free consultation.

Depersonalization with the possibility of introducing a competently constructed first message in a chat is an undoubted trend in e-commerce in particular and advertising in general.

The real motivators—the best triggers. In comparison with search engines that know everything about users—gender, age, hobbies, favorite places, and car brand—ordinary businesses are not so free in choosing data for depersonalization of sites and advertising platforms.

However, even the data that is available should be used correctly in the chat. Communication in a program designed to interact with a client is a virtual path that a potential buyer takes from point A (login to the site) to point B (purchase = conversion).


Sofiia Dolia

Content Marketer at Seoplay