How to Boost Your Organic Search Traffic

What is traffic in SEO? The answer is simple: web traffic is how many visits your website gets. It is one of the most straightforward, clear and important metrics in SEO.

Everyone wants their website to be more popular and visible. There are various ways to get the clicks coming from search engine optimization, yet many content creators, bloggers and webmasters struggle with the lack of visits.

The purpose of this guide is to explain the right ways to improve your site's SEO performance.

Organic site boost

While the SEO landscape changes all the time, the main pillars and most important steps and methods remain the same over the years.

Below are the most efficient methods.

  • Performing keyword research and optimization. This is the most common and most efficient way to boost your clicks and visits. Just make sure that your website meets the SEO criteria, all of the needed keywords are included and the trends are kept in mind. Sometimes, even minor tweaks can change things massively. In other cases (competitive niche, bad SEO approach from the start), there will be a need to hire a digital marketing expert. Nevertheless, keyword research is the first thing that anyone looking to increase their website’s popularity should look into.
  • Advertisements. Ads exist everywhere and the Internet is not an exception. This is a relatively easy way to improve your website’s visits, ranking and clicks. But sometimes it's expensive. All in all, good marketing is an art in its own right but ads work. The results need some time to appear but in the end it’s usually worth it.
  • Community building. Create a group on social media, improve your brand and build communication with your clients. This will improve your reputation, give you the visits and will increase customer satisfaction.
  • Guest posts and backlinks. Writing articles covering your product and services and linking your website. This is the sure way to boost your visits and clicks and get the attention from your target audiences. There are many ways to achieve this: various websites and blogs are open for guest posts but sometimes they will ask you for money and/or will require your post to meet strict criteria. Additionally, if your website has its own blogs, you can exchange guest posts.
  • Buying traffic. The easiest and the fastest way is just to buy visitors. There are many solutions: web traffic generation software is common. There are certain risks and it's better to combine this method with the others listed above.
  • Other opportunities to increase visits to your site

Overall, these are the main ways to boost your traffic. Now let’s dive deeper into the details of each of them.

Keyword Research and Optimization

Fundamental to any SEO approach, keyword research remains the main way to boost your traffic. It’s also always an important first step in improving nearly any SEO metric.

The process starts with analyzing important topics relevant to your area. Then you can focus on more exact words. Analyze their popularity on search engines such as Google and compare which are the most popular ones. You can also analyze the words that already work for your website. And research the competition as well. The best way is obviously to combine all of these methods.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

There are various tools that make the process easier and even automate it. One of such examples would be Google Keyword Planner. Google Trends, Keyword Surfer and Bulk Keyword Generator are other free solutions for traffic generation marketing.


One of the pillars of the world of marketing and PR, ads exist everywhere in the world: both online and offline. If you want to use advertisements to give more clicks to your website, they come in different shapes: texts, banners, mentions. Some are more effective than others but it is different for each industry.

Advertisements work better when they are of high-quality, aimed at the targeted audience and are combined with other methods. While keyword optimization can provide results even without being perfect, the ads don’t work this way: a bad advertising campaign will only result in you losing money without yielding any additional visits.

One of the most popular approaches to advertising is the Pay-per-click model: this is when you pay a fee for each click to the website’s owner or (more often) to the advertisement platform like Google Ads or Amazon Advertising. The approach is quite useful if your website has a high conversion rate (the number of users who perform any action on your website related to the overall number of visitors).

Google Ads

Google Ads

Community Building

With the rise of social media platforms, this step has become both easier and more important. You can try to connect the users of your product or services after creating a space for them to talk to each other.

It can be anything: from a Discord channel to a Facebook group or another small forum website. It is actually better to start early: in this case the community can help you with market research before final releases.

You should communicate with the users as well. They will provide you with feedback. The result will be a great level of trust and the customers that will stay with you for a long time. And this will attract new ones as well as more visitors.

Guest Posting

Also called “guest blogging”, guest posting is the marketing tactic that involves writing articles for another website in order to attract more visits. Usually, it’s done with websites covering related topics. Sometimes it is done for free (as long as your post meets strict criteria) or for some money.

Sometimes websites exchange posts. Such articles include the links to the original website. So the way it works is simple: the users click on the link and the number of visits grows. Since the topics are usually related, the conversion rate is expected to be quite high.

Aside from that, guest posting also boosts your domain authority and increases brand awareness. It is also a good way to bond with other companies in your field, which is always important. Combined with community building, the results can be phenomenal.

The key is to write high-quality content instead of advertising texts. Linking to your website is needed but the post should not be focused entirely on your product. Write something useful, provide the way to solve a problem and casually mention your website, product or services, and you are good to go!

Buying Traffic

Simple, straightforward and easy: the visitors can be bought. It might not be the most elegant or organic solution out there but it’s certainly the quickest way to increase web traffic.

There are many seo traffic generators but the best of them are free and easy to work with. Another thing to consider is that they should be located in the countries that you target. If they offer free trials and provide refunds when needed: that’s even better.

This means that the websites care about their reputation and are not planning to scam you. Best free website traffic generators would be those that meet the aforementioned criteria.There are also many paid ones, offering more control for power users.


Sofiia Dolia

Content Marketer at Seoplay